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Appeeling Art Competition is about community wellbeing local connections neighborhood rescuing food surplus stories support

Submit your work before the 9th of August 2023!

Appeeling Art is a new project with the Nourish Hub community food hub, which will feature a food art competition across RBKC & Hammersmith & Fulham.

About the Competition

All ages are welcome!

Get creative and draw, paint, sketch, knit, (you name it) your favourite fruits or vegetables! Your creativity is limitless!

Art & Food have been connected for centuries through classic Dutch still life paintings to Andy Warhol’s banana.

Appeeling Art is part of Karmabank and Nourish Hub’s missions to increase our community’s wellbeing, encourage growing food for self-sufficiency and as a healthy wellbeing activity.

Start now! What is your favourite Fruit or Vegetable? Share your art and your story!


Your creation must be no larger than an A4 piece of paper .

Can be paintings, drawings, sketches, collages, sculptures, embroideries, knitting, NFTs, your creativity is limitless!


Send your digital images via the form below before the 9th of August or bring with you to the Surplus Supper

on the 9th of August.


The 3 top designs will receive prizes at the end of the event!

The competition culminates on the 9th of August during National Allotments Week at a special community two-course supper and arts & crafts making event at the Nourish Hub Community Food Hub.

Enter NOW!

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More About The Competition

Appeeling Art is held this year during National Allotments Week, which includes allotment visits and opportunities to learn how to grow your own healthy food, and how to cook it well. We hope partners such as supermarkets, local councils, garden centres and local health organisations will be part of this new venture every year.

For questions contact:

To register for the surplus supper, visit: or contact