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KarmaBank strives to ensure everyone has access to basic necessities through our many partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Together we save millions of £££ of perfectly good food, toiletries and clothing from going to landfills and rubbish tips, and energise thousands of hours of volunteer support to distribute these items to Londoners in need.

Our directors have created and continue to run or consult for a variety of projects supplying free surplus food, toiletries, and clothing to vulnerable Londoners. Our goals match 8 of the UNESCO SDGs to alleviate poverty and reduce waste.

Current projects established and developed by our directors include the weekly Vestry Foodbank in Chelsea the Community of Sant’Egidio’s weekly Foodbank in Victoria, and the weekly St Johns Cafe Food Relief North Kensington. Winter 2021/22 we cooperated with the Rotary Club of London on a “Warm Up London” campaign.

KarmaBank contributes its experience with delivering basic life necessities to RBKC’s efforts to develop a borough-wide cooperative Food Partnership. During the pandemic, we delivered 1000’s of free meals through projects such as Rima Sam’s Playground Theatre food relief project, and the Community of Sant’Egidio community kitchen at St Mary Abbot’s Centre  run by Andrew Standen-Raz & Marilena De Vita.