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SAFE is our initiative for 2022: Supporting Activities for Female Empowerment.

KarmaBank supports full equality of women and anyone identifying as a woman. Our activities encourage vulnerable women and girls to engage in sports, wellbeing, and cultural activities on an equal basis – especially those considered “traditionally” male.

Working with experienced partner organizations, we develop opportunities for women from a variety of backgrounds to box, play football in competitions, swim, sing in choirs, make, and sell their own creations, heal through breath workshops, and tell their story to a wide audience. Even become a Paralympian.

The goal is to empower our members through boosting confidence, reducing concerns over basic necessities, and providing the foundation to reach for dreams.

One human at a time.

“This is me. I am going to School.” Dream picture drawn during a KarmaBank “Film + Art” session, by an Afghan grandmother who was never allowed to go to school.